Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Everything Reminds You of Something Else by Elana Wolff - A Review


"Everything Reminds You of Something Else" is infused with startlingly beautiful imagery from start to finish. 

"She comes to the seaside, air salts slick her skin like kith and kindling." 

"Clouds - narrow, white as femurs - flowing over the city." 

 The intimate poems stand out. This excerpt from "Cord" struck me in particular.

          "When the diagnosis arrived,
we flew to a city of history and art,
visited galleries, stood before works

            that made life look edgeless. 

The poems where the metaphoric and symbolic transcendence of the words meet with the 
grit of reality are the most satisfying and engaging.  

On every page, within the rich collage of words appear ethereal references 
to a collective mythology, the dreaming state of the earth:

"A mountain goat
ascends at dawn, leaping through the nimbus, lights jug of milk on his pelage, snow in his coat. 
He holds to higher note (as in Sharach is Hananiah). And on his breast - a locket
taking off."

I appreciated the inclusion of a diverse glossary of references to the books and poems which 
had inspired the work.

Available to purchase here

Wolff's poem "Waterwheel" featured as Vallum poem of the week Nov 2015

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